Bead Body

I know how hard it is to tear yourself away from a good beading project after you really get into it but it is important to be kind to your body as you bead.

My beading table- all my supplies are 
within easy reach
When I first started, I did most of my beading sitting on my bed, watching tv, with all my supplies spread around me. I can not tell you how many times I'd been interrupted by something in my surroundings only to find I could barely move my neck 'cause it was so stiff.

Now I've got all my supplies on a foldaway table and I use a proper desk chair. I remind myself to take frequent breaks and stretch.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few ideas for preventing achy muscles and tired eyes.

1. Find a sturdy table or work surface that's large enough for you to spread all your supplies out.  You can use a bead board or bead mat in a tray if you don't want to use a table.

Carol Huber Cypher talks about setting up a "mise en place" in her Mastering Beadwork book which just means that you have all your tools and supplies in reach. (Nothing's more irritating than starting a project and then realising that something you need is missing).

2. A comfortable chair is crucial to avoid tired back muscles. Throw a pillow behind your back if you find you need extra support.

3. Proper lighting and magnification. This might be the most important one in my book! As a person who wears glasses and is terrified of going blind because of beads, (It seriously feels that way after a beading marathon done at night!) I always work with a bright lamp. I love my red lamp with the neck that you can flex and point in any direction because I am in total control of my lighting.

CraftOptics telescopes
Magnification can also come in handy when you're working with those pesky seedbeads especially 11/0 and 15/0. You can purchase a standing magnifying glass or ones that you wear such as CraftOptics telescopes.

Believe me, these three elements make all the difference to taking your enjoyment of beading to the next level.