Triple Spiral Stitch

I had bought some little containers and decided it was time to finally tackle the beast of a job sorting my beads. All my beads were mixed up in storage containers because I didn't have enough space for each colour or size. When I finally finished that task and I could see all the beads I had accummulated over the years, I was inspired to use some of them. After all what fun is it having all those pretty beads if you don't use them right?

I decided to try a necklace made using a Triple Spiral Stitch. That's right TRIPLE spiral stitch. Normally I hate spiral stitches because they take bloody forever but one of my friends had made one and I wanted to make one too! Is that childish? lol

The pattern I used was Sumptuous Spiral and you can buy it on the Interweave online store using the following link: (It's on sale now.) It's a gorgeous necklace that challenges your ability to mix colours together.

Drop beads

The necklace also requires the use of drop beads. These Japanese beads are shaped like tiny teardrops that are drilled on the narrow side. They come in two sizes, 2.8mm and 3.4mm.

Trying to use the beads I already owned, resulted in an unusual colour palette. It's a bit outside my comfort zone but I have had plenty of compliments about it already as well as people tilting their heads to one side (you know when you don't really like something but you don't want to say it lol). I don't mind because I was one of those people tilting my head to a side at first.

You can try different methods of finishing the necklace. Maybe use some chain instead of the individual beads or macrame with some type of cord.

If you're looking for a bit of a bead stitching challenge, try this necklace for yourself. It is really rewarding when you finish. It might even give you an excuse to buy more beads if you need one.

My Triple Spiral Necklace