Crackled Glass Beads

The Beginner Wire Jewellery Class is officially over (sad face) but I've come out of it with great knowledge of how to make wire jewellery and findings.

Crackled Glass Beads
Now I'm back on my bead train. I've recently gotten some round crackled glass beads for my store. They are gorgeous! I was so excited while I was unpacking them and seeing all the different colours.

The crackled effect that you see when you look at these glass beads is achieved by immersing the beads in cold water while the glass is still hot. This causes the glass to crack. Reheating the beads seals the cracks and gives a smooth finish.

These beads can be used in a variety of projects but I've started off by making a very simple necklace.

Materials used

Materials Needed:
20 inches- 7 strand Flexrite Wire  0.018" diameter
2- 2x2 crimp tubes
2- wire protectors
3- jumpring
1- lobster clasp
crackled glass beads
crimping pliers
basic jewellery pliers: flat nose, chain nose, sidecutter

Step 1: Slide one crimp tube onto your beading wire.
Step 2: Thread the beading wire through one end of your wire protector and then back through the next end.
Step 3: Thread the wire back through the crimp tube and close the crimp tube with your crimping pliers.
Steps 1, 2 and 3
Step 4: Add beads until you reach your desired length. I like to make my necklaces approximately 17.5" long. Remember to leave a minimum of half-inch for your clasp.
Step 5: Add the other crimp tube.
Step 6: Thread the beading wire through the second wire protector and back through the crimp tube and a couple of beads.
Steps 4, 5 and 6
Step 7: Close crimp tube and trim excess beading wire.

Enjoy your finished necklace!

You can easily make a shorter version of this to make a matching bracelet.