St. Petersburg Stitch

Single St. Petersburg Stitch Necklace
I've recently been noticing a lot of beaded jewellery made using St. Petersburg Stitch. Having never tried the stitch myself, I decided to learn it this weekend. It has turned out to be a simple method of creating delicate-looking pieces.

There are two types of St. Petersburg Stitch: Single-row and Double-row. You can use a variety of beads ranging from tiny seedbeads to fire-polished beads to cube beads.

Double St. Petersburg Stitch Bracelet

Want to learn this easy stitch yourself? Take a look at the video in the link below created by Bead and Button. It demonstrates both single and double row versions of St. Petersburg Stitch.

 I am definitely going to attempt to create the single St Petersburg Stitch Necklace shown in the first picture. I think it is gorgeous and so dramatic!

Take a look at my first creation using this simple technique. Try it yourself and let me know what you think!

My St Petersburg Stitch Bracelet