Selling Your Handmade Jewellery

If you're like me and you've been bitten by the jewelry-making bug, then I'm sure you can also relate to what an expensive habit making jewelry can be. One sure way to offset the costs of your hobby is to turn it into a money-making venture.
My booth at Girlfriends Expo 2013 

You can determine how you want to go about selling your jewelry by considering how much time you have and want to devote to your business. You can sell at hotels, trade shows, from home or even online through free websites such as Facebook. Selling items online is a great option for those people who are not exactly "people-lovers" lol (be honest with yourself and decide whether you can be hands-on with customers).

One important factor that you must consider when selling your jewelry is price! Your selling price should always, ALWAYS, cover the cost of every item that is incorporated into your jewelry. Clasps, beads, wire, even thread should be included in the cost. You should also be paid for your time. People often forget they should be compensated for the hours they spend picking up one bead at a time and weaving it into something magical. You can double or triple the cost of your supplies and then add your cost per hour for labour.

Your target market can also influence your price somewhat. You wouldn't want to go to a flea market and sell jewelry made of semi-precious stones, neither would you want to go to an upscale boutique to sell bracelets made of plastic beads! Consider the age of the people you want to be selling to as well. This may not only influence your price but also what type of jewelry you make and the materials you use. More mature women may appreciate higher end pieces while teenagers may want more affordable items following trends e.g. neon colours. Will you include some pieces for men? Unisex items maybe? If you are using a hotel as your selling location, tourists may appreciate items made from locally sourced materials such as seeds, stones or any other medium.

However you go about selling your jewelry to your target market, you must advertise. What good is it spending all that time pouring your love into items for sale if no-one even knows you exist? Utilize websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for free advertising. You can post an ad in the local paper or magazines. Maybe create some flyers and hand those out in areas surrounding the location where you sell your pieces. You can think about using an expo such as BMEX for advertising. Not only will this large scale event allow you the opportunity to make yourself known, but you can also sell your items and create customer lists.

Starting a jewelry business can range from small-scale to large but however you tackle it, it is always rewarding when customers appreciate your work. I never leave home without a few business cards in my purse and I always try to wear some piece of jewelry that I have made. Wearing your own stuff is the best advertisement you could ever have and it's free!