How to Photograph Your Beaded Jewellery

I always look at how crisp and clear the photographs of beaded jewellery in magazines turn out and wonder how they get them to look that way so I've researched how to photograph my beaded

A DIY light box
For those of you who are interested in selling your jewellery, it is important to take clear photos of your work. When photographing jewellery, you need good lighting (daylight bulbs are best) but the light needs to be diffused. You can diffuse the light by using a light box.

There are table-top lighting kits available for sale that come with coloured backgrounds, a tripod, lights and an enclosure (light box) to help diffuse the light. The tripod takes away the need for you to hold the camera steady and ensures the details of the jewellery are in focus.

You can make your own light box at home. Here is a link that shows you how:

Here is another website that gives you several tips for product photography and it has a whole section on photographing jewellery:

My attempt at taking photos with a light box.
To the right is a photo that I took using my light box. I bought a piece of white acrylic from Carters to place at the bottom of my light box. I use it to eliminate wrinkles that you may find when lining the inside of your light box with cloth or paper. It also gives a nice glossy reflection in the photo which I happen to like.

Producers of magazines may have Photoshop and other great computer software to enhance their photos but you can achieve good quality jewellery photos at home using the tips and tricks on the website links that I provided.