Been Busy Beading

It's that time of year again! Time for gifts, parties and splurging for many people. I've been busy beading away making jewellery as requested by various people. I thought I would share with you some of what I've done. 

Bracelet and earrings set
The first picture shows a bracelet and earrings set using some pretty pink bicones from my shop. I found the St. Petersburg stitch bracelet pattern in Crystal Play by Anna Elizabeth Draeger. This book can be purchased using the following link: 

The second picture shows a brooch that I made following a RAW pattern found in another book called A Beaded Romance by Kelly Wiese. This book can be purchased using the following link:

Both books contain gorgeous patterns. Treat yourself to one for Christmas. It will pay for itself when you sell the jewellery you make using the patterns or even the money you'll save making the jewellery 
for yourself. Shipping from Book Depository is always FREE! Yay!

Send me pics of any jewellery you've been making for the Christmas season (