My Favourite Beading Tools

Happy 2014 to all! A new year usually starts off with people making resolutions and vowing to be better to themselves and others. I don't usually make resolutions but late last year, I've decided to adopt the "YOLO" motto. YOLO means You Only Live Once. I plan to meet life head-on, embrace what I have and work towards what I want.

Thread Zapper II
Anyhow onto beading stuff. I thought I would show you my absolute essential beading tools.

First on my list is a thread burner. Since I have started using mine, I don't know how I've survived
beading without it. It really helps you to get close to your beadwork and cut the thread without leaving those annoying tiny pieces of thread behind. I use the Thread Zapper II from Beadsmith.

Bead mat

A bead mat is also essential to proper beading. It stops the beads from rolling away from you. I like to organise my beads in the order in which I will use them so it's
easy to get into the rhythm of the project you're completing. An alternative is a bead board. These are nice because they come complete with measurements that you can use while beading.

Plastic Spoon- my favourite beading

The final essential beading tool on my list, and this is my favourite one, is a plastic spoon. Yep that's right! A plastic spoon. They are great for scooping up seed beads and placing them back into their containers when you've finished working. Of course you can buy a regular bead scoop but I'm sure everyone can get their hands on a little plastic spoon for free (save your icecream spoon). It will change your life, believe me.

What's your favourite essential beading tool?