Selling Your Handmade Jewelry

Crop Over time is rapidly approaching! It's a great time to sell your handmade jewelry as there will be lots of events such as Bridgetown Market. No matter where you sell your jewelry, there are some ways that you can draw interest to your booth and increase your sales.

Your etiquette and body language while at your table or booth can make all the difference to potential customers. When you see people approaching, you should stand and smile. No-one wants to approach a sullen salesperson slouching in a chair nor do they want to be completely ignored while the salesperson texts/ talks on their cellphone. Welcome them to your table and give them a brief overview of your products. Be friendly and informative but not too chatty. People don't want to be overwhelmed by you falling over yourself trying to talk them into buying something. Give them a little room to breathe and look over your well laid out table.

This brings me to my next point. Make your table attractive! Yes you want to show off your hard work but don't throw everything that you have on the table either. Layer your table and create different levels so the customers'eyes can travel and take in various things. I can't tell you how many tables I have seen that are so cluttered with jewelry and random decorations that I could barely separate the two! Simple is better!

You can include what I like to call "a gallery piece" in the centre of your table. This is a piece of jewelry which is outstanding. Colour or style-wise, it just makes people "ooh" and "ahh". This will draw people over to you just to check it out. While they're there, you can show them other pieces that you've created. This gallery piece also shows off your talents and will make people remember you which is important if there are a lot of other people selling jewelry at the same event.

Make sure you have some business cards that people can take with them so they can contact you later. Maybe have some sheets of lined paper so that you can take potential customers' contact information if they would like to place an order with you to collect at a later date (Don't forget to take measurements!). Have a mirror handy so customers can look at necklaces or other pieces of jewelry that they try on.

Draw interest to your table by advertising a discount of some sort even if it's just for that day. A five percent discount may just be a dollar or two off but everyone enjoys saving money. Maybe try offering a giveaway to your twentieth customer. Do something that will attract potential customers to you.

This salesperson kept their display simple but the bold colours and varying levels make it very attractive.
They clearly show a discounted price and the methods of payment they accept.
Business cards and a notepad and pen maybe for creating a mailing list are readily
available for customers.

There are several ways that you can make yourself stand out of the sea of other crafts. Take advantage of free social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter to let people know in advance where you will be selling your products and when you're there, sell, sell, sell!