Luxury Beading Boards

Every once in a while, I like to check out beading tools that help make life easier. I'm all about decreasing the time it takes me to complete a beading project and/ or increasing my comfort while doing so.

Bead On It bead mat
One such tool that I keep looking at longingly is the Bead On It bead board. These bead boards are the ultimate beading surface. They are made of quality materials and the base is skid-resistant. Rounded edges mean your thread won't catch on the corners.

The one benefit that really peaks my interest with these boards is the fact that a simple shimmy of the board or the act of running your hand along the beads makes them sit with the holes facing up! This would save so much time trying to find the holes of your seed beads. No more chasing your beads around with your needle. (Video demonstration:

Another great feature of these boards is they have a padded bumper that runs all around the edges. This will prevent your beads from rolling away and ending up scattered on the floor. 

These luxury beading boards are not cheap though! They come with a hefty price tag of US $29.50 all the way up to US $120! Wow! Now if that's not luxury, I don't know what is. 

Interested in purchasing one of these beading boards to add to your tools? You can find them here: They have a range of patterns to choose from. Already own one? Let me know what you think of it.