Rose Montee Crystals

Rose Montees are crystal rhinestones mounted in a pronged metal setting. Two channels cross in the back of the metal setting making it easy to string or stitch the rhinestones securely in two directions.

Traditionally Rose Montees have been used to embellish fabric but they can also be used to accentuate bead-woven or wire jewelry. If using Rose Montees in bead weaving projects, use Fireline or another strong beading thread as opposed to threads that can easily be cut by the edges of the metal channel e.g. Nymo. For wire projects, use 24 gauge or finer wire so they can cross each other in the channels.

However you use them, Rose Montees add sparkle and a touch of glamour to any project. See how I've used them in Montee Marks the Spot Bracelet and Earrings tutorials. Click the link to buy it:

Montee Marks the Spot Bracelet and Earrings Tutorial