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You've decided to start or expand your jewelry business. Great! How will you communicate with people so they know about you and your business? Email marketing is a great way for a small business to reach customers. Once again, I must mention that I am not a business expert. I am merely expressing my own thoughts on the matter.
The first great thing about email is it's free! Who wants to spend a ton of money reaching out to people that may not respond? No-one! Even though spending money on any form of marketing is a great investment for your business, once it's carefully thought out and budgeted, everyone loves getting something for free. As a business owner, you'll send emails and potentially make sales from them, while not spending a dime.

You just need to invest a little time collecting email addresses from past and potential customers. Do this every chance you get! Walking through the grocery store and pass a lady in an aisle wearing a fabulous beaded necklace? Whip out that business card and pass it to her explaining politely that you make jewelry and you're not just a crazy person about to attack her for the last box of cereal she just picked up. Also, ask if she would like to join your mailing list so she can be kept up-to-date with new designs or promotions. As long as permission is given, that email address is golden. You MUST have permission to add an email address to your mailing list. There are now laws against spamming. Also you don't want to irritate people by sending them unwanted information.Update your mailing list with new addresses often.

You can keep things simple by creating a special group in your business email account. Create a signature that contains your name, business name, contact number or any other pertinent information. This is will be at the foot of every email you send so it is easy for customers to have all the relevant details.

You can also get fancy and use services such as MailChimp to send newsletters etc. to your customers. Simply upload your contact list, create your masterpiece and then send it to everyone all at once. There are plenty of other services you can use in this respect. Keep the number of emails down to an acceptable level. Accumulate everything you need to express and send emails weekly, monthly etc. Don't send emails three times a day whenever you have a new thought that you want people to know about!

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Font and colours matter. If your brand produces sleek and expensive jewelry, you wouldn't want to send emails with pink and purple flowers swirling in the background. Make sure the look of your email is consistent with the feeling your brand is meant to portray.

Know your customer base. Use language that is appropriate to comfortably communicate with everyone. People may be offended by a potty mouth and some may be confused if you use language that's too trendy. Also, you can separate your customers into segmented lists based on their preferences. This allows for more targeted marketing.

A picture speaks volumes. Include photos or graphics in your emails to liven things up a bit and to grab viewers' attention.

However you go about your email marketing, make sure that the content is always useful.

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