Cellini Spiral

Cellini Spiral is a modified version of Tubular Peyote Stitch. Using a variety of bead sizes and colours creates a distinctive spiral shape. Cellini Spiral Stitch can be used to create fantastic pieces of jewellery.

Cellini Spiral Bangle- The Bead Club Lounge https://www.etsy.com/listing/259564893/

Your thread choice impacts on the flexibility of your final piece. Heavier threads e.g. Fireline or Widlfire can result in stiff spirals. Using lighter threads e.g. Nymo can leave you with a softer, more flexible spiral.

Beading tension can also make a huge difference in how stiff your Cellini Spiral becomes. If you use a heavier thread, I would recommend a looser tension. The opposite applies if Nymo or similar thread is used.

You can incorporate a wide variety of beads in your spiral such as small pearls or even gemstones. The more variety in bead size, the more dramatic your finished jewellery will be.

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