MiniDuo Beads

I happen to love SuperDuo beads because they are very versatile two-holed beads. Recently, the SuperDuo's baby brother, miniDuo beads have been introduced to the world (and to The Bead Club)!

MiniDuo beads are pressed glass beads and have the same consistent unique shape as SuperDuo beads. They measure 2x4mm which makes them about 20% smaller than the SuperDuos. They also have two holes.

MiniDuo beads-
You can combine the two beads or just use the MiniDuos to make miniature versions of designs that feature SuperDuos!

Here's a free pattern using the MiniDuo beads:

Pinwheel Earrings beading tutorial- The Bead Club Lounge
Also check out my latest Etsy shop beading pattern using these fabulous beads here:

Happy MiniDuo beading!!

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