Versatility of Peyote Stitch

I've been hard at work, stitching away and creating new projects for my Etsy shop, The Bead Club Lounge. Now that I've uploaded another one, I've realized that it is the third project in a row that I've created using Peyote stitch.

Each one of the projects has a unique look. One is a Star pendant and the next one is a pair of square or diamond-shaped (depending on how you look at them) earrings. I've just added a spiral necklace to the mix. (Click the link under the photo below to view my tutorials).

Various Peyote Stitch Projects- The Bead Club Lounge

Peyote stitch can be such fun! It is probably the only stitch that has so many variations: Flat Even Count, Flat Odd Count, Two-drop, Tubular... and on and on I could go!

photo of necklace- Craftsy

1. You can use it to create shapes, 3D or otherwise, e.g. a cube or pyramid and then use those shapes as components in necklaces or bracelets or just on their own as a pendant or earrings.

2. Try creating intricate pictures or patterns in your beadwork using graphed patterns.

3. Use a variety of bead sizes and shapes to add interest to your work.

4. Add fringe or other techniques to jazz up a boring strip of peyote.

Phew! You're only limited by your creativity when it comes to Peyote Stitch. Once you know the basics, you can let your imagination run wild!

Click the following link to learn Peyote Stitch basics for free from Fusion Beads:

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