How to Get Rid of Your Seed Bead Stash

Do you have seed beads piling up and you can't seem to make a dent in your stash? We've all gone a
Triple Spiral Bracelet- The Bead Club Lounge
little crazy with the bead shopping and then sat there staring at the beads wondering how you're going to use them all... or is that just me? Well, if this sounds familiar, I've got a solution! Spiral rope patterns are a great way to use up a ton of beads!

You can incorporate beads other than seed beads too, if you're looking to get fancy. Try adding crystals or other shaped beads into the loops for a unique look.

I've added a Triple Spiral Bracelet tutorial to my Etsy shop using 5mm Pinch beads in one of the loops. Click here to get the tutorial:

Here are some places you can find free Spiral Rope tutorials:
Simple Spiral:

Double spiral: and

Triple Spiral:

There are lots of Spiral rope variations so give one a try! (You'll make room for more beads if you do...shhh!)

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