How I Started Making Jewelry

I have started a new blog called Leisurely Does It. I wanted to be able to write about all sorts of things and not limit myself to beading.

I just added a new post that tells you all about how I got into jewelry-making and what I'm into now. It's so funny how life works out!

Anyway give it a read and see what you think!

Pinwheel Pendant
Also, I just published my second class on Skillshare and it shows you how to make the most popular beading pattern in my Etsy shop, the Pinwheel Pendant. Take advantage of the promotion on Skillshare that gives you access to 3 months of premium content for just US$0.99!

There are only a few FREE spots left in my first class so enroll quickly if you want to learn how to make a square Cubic Right-angle Weave component!

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