Arcos Par Puca Beads & Patterns

Are you having difficulty keeping up with all the new beads on the market? I sometimes feel like I blink and there's a new bead shape but it's also exciting to have new products to work with.

Arcos Par Puca Beads
Arcos Par Puca beads were designed by a French jewellery designer. The beads measure 5x10mm, are moon-shaped and have three holes.

Arcos Par Puca beads connect perfectly with the single hole of the Minos Par Puca beads. They are produced in Czech factories and will therefore, have many of the colours and finishes of many Czech beads.

Of course, now that you know about these unique beads, you'll want to use them, right? I'll share some of the patterns that I have come across that use these little beauties.

Patterns Using Arcos Par Puca Beads

Jolie Earrings & Band
These are both free patterns produced by Deborah Roberti. You can find the earring instructions on her website, Around the Beading Table, here. For this pattern, you will need any 6mm two-holed beads, Arcos Par Puca beads, 3mm beads and 11/0 seed beads.

The Jolie Band is the matching bracelet so you can make a complete set. The same beads are required for this pattern.

Fina Bracelet & Arcos Bracelet

Arcos Bracelet Tutorial- Ellad
The Fina Bracelet and the Arcos Bracelet tutorials can be found in Ellad's Etsy shop.

To complete the Fina Bracelet, you will need size 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads, Arcos Par Puca and Minos Par Puca beads.

The Arcos Bracelet is made using Arcos Par Puca beads along with seed beads of various sizes, SuperDuos and 4mm Fire-polished beads.

Jeromine Necklace, Joanna Ring & Julia Bracelet
Jeromine Necklace, Joanna Ring and Julia Bracelet are all free patterns provided by Spoilt Rotten Beads. Just add the beading patterns to your cart to access the downloads.

Valyrian Love Knot Tutorial
For those of you who prefer video tutorials, I did not leave you out. Click here to watch Potomac Bead Company's Bracelet pattern.

There are plenty of tutorials that utilize the Arcos Par Puca beads. Hopefully my list will get you well on your way to exploring these beads.

If you have used the Arcos Par Puca beads in your jewellery, comment below and let me know what you thought of them.

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