Bead Storage

It's amazing how quickly beading supplies multiply. Where do they all come from? I know... I know... I bought them all over time but I prefer to think that the bead fairy drops them off at night while I'm sleeping as a nice surprise for me when I wake up. It's called denial.

In any case, when you start beading, you need bead storage solutions. It took me years to figure out a system that really works for me but now that I've got one that I'm happy with, beading is all the more satisfying. You can see my craft area here.

There are several ways you can store your beading supplies and they don't all have to break the bank. I'm going to share a few solutions with you.

Where To Start?

Before you rush to buy storage containers, first gather all of your supplies in one place. Sort them and assess what you have. This will help you to determine the sizes and number of containers you need.

Now Storage...

To store your supplies, try using:

Stackable containers
Stackable containers are great for storing small supplies e.g. beads or findings. They also come in handy if you're travelling and want to take specific beads for a project you would like to work on.

Pill Boxes
These have dividers and lock tightly. They are also great for travel as they take up little space.

Recycled containers
I often get my seed beads and findings in plastic tubes and resealable bags. When they're empty, I keep them to store other beads that I purchase on a string or hank.

Also try spice jars, pencil boxes, tic tac containers. There are so many containers you can use. Be creative!

Storage Containers
Bead Storage Solutions provides clever storage solutions for bead designers. If you're on a budget, these storage containers may not be for you. The advantage of them is you can mix and match and get an assortment of containers to suit your particular storage needs.

Baskets & Plastic Storage Bins
Corral larger tools and pliers in decorative baskets or storage bins.

Next Step

Now that you have all of your smaller supplies wrangled into containers, where do store the containers?

Plastic drawers
These come in several different sizes and colours and are reasonably priced. Use a smaller one to contain supplies on top of a desk or shelf. Alternately use a rolling drawer cart if you have lots of beads and tools that you need to store. They are mobile which can be useful if you don't have a designated place to work.

If your bead tubes and bags have hanging holes, you can store them on pegboard.

Shelving Units
Spice racks, nail polish racks and book shelves can all be used to store your supplies in their individual containers.

If you want to get really fancy with your storage, you might consider placing an order with The Original Scrapbox. I saw the following video on Facebook and I literally gasped with delight:

I would LOVE one of these! Oh my goodness! They also have other products that make organizing your craft space a breeze but at a cost, of course.


Benefits of Organization

Saves Time
Spend less time searching for beads and more time making jewellery.

Saves Money
Avoid buying duplicates because you can clearly see what you have.

Saves Space
Consolidating your supplies and grouping them neatly in one small area instead of having them scattered all over your dining room table, for example, frees up space for other things... like family dinners. (Did you just guiltily glance at your table?)

Peace of Mind
If you're anything like me, you don't work well in cluttered spaces. When my work space is neatly organized, my mind feels at ease and I can be more creative.

Tell me in the comments below how you store your beading supplies.

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