Congratulations Are In Order!

I absolutely love getting feedback from customers or people who follow me via social media but very rarely do I get photos of finished work from them.

Well the same lady that I wrote about in this post brightened my day when she sent me a photo of her finished Criss-Cross bracelets made using my tutorial.

I am so happy that she succeeded in her goal of completing a written beading pattern and I am thrilled that she chose one of my patterns to fulfill that challenge.

Here is the photo of her work:

Criss-Cross bracelets by Chris

Congratulations Chris! Your determination paid off!

If you would like to join Chris and revel in a feeling of accomplishment, you can purchase my beading patterns here.

Elizabeth was also kind enough to share a photo of her Chenille Stitch necklace (and it's for sale) on my Facebook page. I adore the rainbow of colours she used to make this piece.

Thanks for sharing your work ladies!

If you would like to share any encouraging words about either of the photos, leave them in the comments below.

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