What's Up Wednesday #1

I've decided to try something new for this blog and I've come up with a new series called What's Up Wednesdays.

What's Up Wednesdays is where I will consolidate my new tutorials into one blog post. In this same article, I'll also let you know what's been going on with me, if there's anything interesting to note, which may be rare. I plan to publish this series at least twice each month.

Now on to the real content of my first edition of What's Up Wednesdays, my new beading patterns.

New Beading Tutorials

Pinwheel Ornament- The Bead Club Lounge
It's only October and I've already published three Christmas tutorials. The first one is a spin-off of my most popular beading pattern to date, the Pinwheel Pendant tutorial.

I got this idea from a customer last Christmas. She had purchased the pattern and then left a review saying that she had made several and hung them on her Christmas tree.

What an absolutely fantastic idea! I had never even thought of it. So to pass on the idea, I made one in red, green and gold. It doesn't get any Christmas-sier (Not a word? It is now!) than that and hung it on my tree. Instantly my pendant was converted to the Pinwheel Ornament.

The second tutorial is a Snowflake Ornament made using DiamonDuo beads. Just because I live in the sunny Caribbean doesn't mean that I don't dream of snow.

Finally, I created a Double Spiral Stitch bracelet called the Holly Rope. You can really make this bracelet using any colour combination you fancy but if you want something festive, using Holiday colours such as red, gold, green, icy blue, white and crystal, is the way to go! Make yourself a Holly Rope bracelet to wear to all those Christmas parties!

These tutorials make great gift ideas as well. Have that dreaded gift exchange at work? The one where you have no clue what to get the other person? Make a set of Pinwheel or Snowflake ornaments, nestle them in some tissue paper and give them in a box topped with a bow to the gift recipient. Also make some for family and friends in different colours.

For your crafty friends, make your own beading kit. Purchase and print a beading pattern, add the beads specified in the tutorial and place it all in a pretty bag.

Interesting Events

Now that I've told you about my new tutorials, I can happily tell you that my Lucky Charm Necklace tutorial was featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, Issue 46! This is the second time

Lucky Charm NecklaceTutorial- The Bead Club Lounge
that one of my beading patterns was included in the magazine which completely blows my mind.

For those of you who don't know about DIY Jewelry Making Magazine. It is a digital beading magazine with monthly issues that you can access via Kindle, Google Play, the App Store etc.

Currently, you can use a coupon code that gives you three months FREE trial to Google Play and the App Store. Get the code here.

Let me know what you think of my new blog series.


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