15 AVA Bead Tutorials For You To Try

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During the last few weeks, I have been seeing tons of patterns using the latest Potomac Bead Company product: AVA beads. I thought it was high time I mentioned them, so here goes.

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The AVA bead design was originally created by Gianna Zimmerman. You may know her from her YouTube channel, B4PBakup (Beading4Perfectionists). The beads are made in the Czech Republic and are V-shaped with three holes. One hole is at the base of the V while the other two are at the top. Each bead measures 10x4 mm. You can, of course, purchase the AVA beads from Potomac Bead Company.

I wouldn't tell you about new bead shapes and not let you know where you can find patterns that use them. Below is a list of some FREE patterns that I have found using the AVA beads:

  1. AVA Goes Futuristic- B4PBakup YouTube channel
  2. Pheonix Bracelet- Potomac Bead Company's YouTube channel
  3. Appalachian Bracelet- Potomac Bead Company's YouTube channel
  4. AVA Star- Potomac Bead Company's YouTube channel
  5. Cleopatra Bracelet- Potomac Bead Company's YouTube channel
  6. Lamp Light Beaded Beads- Potomac Bead Company's YouTube channel
  7. Native American Style Earrings- Potomac Bead Company's YouTube channel
  8. Beaded AVA Necklace- Beadifulnights' YouTube channel
  9. Ripple Beaded Bracelets- Beaded Jewelry Diva's YouTube channel
  10. Sparkly Space Invaders- NJ Designs 
I have also discovered some Etsy patterns for purchase:
  1. Let It Go Bracelet- NJ Designs
  2. AVAnture Pendant- Storytelling Tutorial
  3. Miss Ava Bracelet- Sidonias Beads
  4. Mountain Tops Bracelet- Akkesieraden
  5. Ava's Diamonds Bracelet- Anna Elise Designs 
Remember to use Ebates to get cash back for your Etsy purchases. If you have never heard of Ebates, I explain what it is and how to use the service in this blog post.

If you make any designs using the AVA beads, feel free to tag me on instagram @thebeadclublounge.

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