5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Beading Tutorials

Have you ever taken a look at a beading pattern and thought "I can't do that!"? Well, you are not alone.

I have taught beading classes for many years while I ran my bead shop and in a way, I still do through my YouTube channel and Etsy shop. During this time, I have heard and seen the fear and doubt from many students that they can complete a particular beading project presented to them.

I have five ways that you can overcome your own fear and enjoy beading to the fullest.

Learn how to overcome self-doubt and fear of beading tutorials.

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Five Ways To Overcome Your Fear

Learn The Basics

Often, it is simply a lack of confidence in your skill that causes negative thoughts. It is only natural to be skeptical that you can complete a project requiring a skill you have yet to develop. There are so many beadweaving stitches and variations that it may be overwhelming to learn them but who says you need to know them all at once?

Pick one technique and master that one first, as well as, all of the variations of that stitch. This is exactly what I did when I taught myself the various beading techniques. Yes, I had attended a beadweaving class but in that class, the instructor simply gave us pretty patterns to complete. I had no clue the technique I was using was called Peyote Stitch or Right Angle Weave and I didn't know there were variations.

After completing the class, I purchased the book "Mastering Beadwork: A Comprehensive Guide To Off-loom Techniques" and slowly worked through each technique and variation in the book. After learning the basics, I recognized stitches just by looking at a photo of the completed piece of jewelry and felt more confident in my ability to complete the project myself.

Stay In Your Lane

It can be tempting to see a beading project and purchase it right off the bat because it's so darn pretty! However, did you take a look at the skill level before you dove in?

Often beading tutorials let you know what skill level you need to complete them. If you have just begun learning, don't buy advanced jewelry patterns. Yes, they may be so well written that you could follow along with no problem but more often than not, this will not be the case. Frequently, the designer will assume that you possess prior knowledge of the techniques required and may not go into great detail about certain aspects of the design.

You don't want to be discouraged by trying beading patterns that are way above your skill level and not being able to complete them. Stick with tutorials that meet your skill level until your ability increases.

Be Brave

As I mentioned, students often discourage themselves just by looking at a photo of a project. Without even checking out the instructions to see if they understand them, they just jump straight to the worst conclusion possible. Don't fall victim to this negative mindset.

Review of one customer in my Etsy Shop

The photo above is a screenshot of one customer's review in my Etsy shop. I absolutely love her positive attitude. She is new to beading but willing to learn. Sometimes, that is all it takes. I guarantee when you complete a project that you struggled with, you will be extremely proud of yourself afterwards. She was also clever about her choice of beading pattern and selected a simple design perfect for beginners.

Follow The History

Even with years of beading experience, I have purchased books or tutorials that have left me completely confused and sometimes unable to complete the patterns. One easy way to decrease the chances of this happening to you is to read the reviews or comments before you make a purchase or begin a free tutorial. If that person has a history of providing tutorials that lots of people love and understand, then you will have a much better chance of enjoying them too.

In my Etsy shop and on my YouTube channel, I have had lots of comments stating that my tutorials are easy-to-follow. This is wonderful for me to know because that is one of the major goals of my whole business. I provide tutorials for beaders with beginner to intermediate skill levels so it is imperative that they clearly understand the instructions.

Know Yourself

Dig deep and figure out how you learn best. Maybe you prefer video tutorials because you are more visual. There are those of you who will be just fine with pictures and some who need diagrams. Try various formats of beading tutorials and see which you respond to best.

You can find video tutorials for free on YouTube or enjoy those on Skillshare for a low monthly fee. Right now Skillshare is offering membership for 3 months at a cost of just $0.99! Take advantage of this amazing deal and discover all you can on the website. There's lots more to see other than craft classes too!

If going at it solo does not work for you, then sign up for a class! Check your local bead shop or craft store for a schedule of their jewelry-making classes.

Using these five steps, you will be able to approach new beading projects without self-doubt and fear.

Have you ever looked a beading tutorial and instantly concluded that you can't complete it? Let me know in the comments below.

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Learn how to overcome self-doubt and fear of beading tutorials.

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