What Is A Thread Burner And How To Use It?

A thread burner is a tool that is used to cut beading threads. It works well on synthetic cords such as fishing line and nylon threads.

Learn what is a thread burner and how to use one.

Why Do You Need A Thread Burner?

The thread burner is one of my favourite beading tools. Its narrow tip allows for the precise application of heat so you can get very close to your beadwork and remove excess thread. It is much easier to use than a lighter because you can control exactly where the thread is cut. It eliminates the cut ends of thread that stick out when you use scissors.

The heat of the thread burner melts the thread and prevents unravelling. When used close to a knot, it also stops the knot from loosening.

How To Use A Thread Burner

The design of thread burners vary slightly based on the manufacturer but they all have a similar method of operation. On most models, you simply press a button that causes the tip to heat up. Sometimes, the tip may glow red while on other models, there will no no indication that heating has occurred. Once the tip is hot, touch it to the thread you want to cut, then release the button to switch off the heating.

Some models of the thread burner have a retractable tip e.g. Beadsmith Thread Zap Ultra. To use the thread burner, you must slide a button forward to reveal the heating element. After use, slide the button back to its original position to switch off the thread burner and set the tip back in the protective enclosure. This is a useful feature as it protects the tip from damage and prevents accidental burns.

If you have a thread burner without a retractable tip such as the Thread Zap II, it is important to replace the cover once you have used it. Doing this protects the tip and yourself or surfaces from burns.

Thread burners are battery operated so you will need to replace the batteries eventually. You may also need to change the tips. Some models are sold along with an extra tip but in the event that yours does not come with one, they are also sold separately. Ensure you purchase the correct tip for the model of thread burner that you own.

A Word Of Caution

When using the thread burner, be careful to only apply it to the thread you want to cut. If you touch other threads holding your beadwork together, you may cut them and ruin your work.

Also, do not touch your skin or work surface with the heated tip during or after use as it could cause burns.

If you do a lot of beadwork, a thread burner is a necessity and I would highly recommend purchasing one.

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