How To Organize Your Craft Space & Get It To Stay That Way

January is the time of year when most people start to think about getting their lives back in order. I thought I would give you some tips to get your craft spaces or rooms, if you're lucky enough to have an entire room, organized.

Leisurely Does It: How To Organize Your Craft Space & Get It To Stay That Way

When you start to make jewelry or any other crafts, it seems like the supplies just multiply on their own and very soon you have a jumbled mess. You struggle to find supplies you need and you sometimes buy an item only to find it at home a few weeks later.

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Tip #1- Have a dedicated space for each item you own

It can be difficult to keep supplies organized when you don't have a place to put them. Start by grouping all of your supplies into piles. I know it may seem daunting but this is important. Only after you have done this, will you know exactly what you have and how much storage space you need.

This would also be a good point to get rid of items that are broken or supplies you don't want anymore. Our tastes change. Once upon a time, I really liked transparent seed beads. Now I find I lean more towards galvanized seed beads. Maybe have a bead swap with your crafty friends or sell the items you are getting rid of on Facebook or another website. Either way, don't waste time, money and space storing items you won't use.

Next find containers to house each category of supplies. Consumer Crafts has a variety of storage solutions that are perfect for your craft room organization.

If you are interested in another blog post that gives you lots of suggestions for containers, click here.

Tip #2- Label, label, label

Now that you have everything in handy containers, make sure you label them. You can make your own labels at home with a simple program like Microsoft Word, buy them or you can use a label maker.

I use my handy Brother PT-45 to print my own labels so I always know what is in every container. Make sure that you stick to your system. (Haha, see what I did there? "Stick" to your system.) Don't ignore the label that says "Tools" and put headpins in the container because you'll have a hard time finding those headpins later.

You can keep a "Miscellaneous" box for all those items you can't quite seem to categorize. Try to limit what goes in that container.

Tip #3- Keep your supplies within reach

The supplies that you use most often should always be in easy reach of where you work. You should never have to bend or stretch or move lots of other items around to access what you want. If you have to shift three different storage boxes out of the way, you'll be less likely to do it and you will get irritated every time.

Tip #4- Return each item to its rightful place


This whole system will fall apart very quickly if you use supplies and then just leave them all over the place when you're done. As soon as you have finished a project, put all of your supplies right back where they belong.

Tip #5- Make your space or room pretty

It might sound a bit superficial but we all like looking at pretty things. (I know I do!) Add some nice flowers in a vase (they don't have to be real) and place soft throw pillows in your chair. Try to use matching storage containers if you can or use different techniques like painting and covering them in fabric or paper to coordinate mismatched containers. If you make your craft room pretty, storage solutions and all, then you will be motivated to keep it organized.

For more craft storage solutions, be sure to follow my Pinterest Bead Storage Ideas Board.

Leave your tips for organizing your craft space in the comments below.

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